Consider Check For
S Size/Hose & Fittings • Size of existing piping and mating fittings type and size • Flow requirements
T Temperature • Maximum allowable service temperature rating for hose and fitting alloys • Reduced operating pressures at elevated temperature
A Alloy/Hose & Fittings • Corrosion resistance of hose and fittings alloys for the media conveyed • Maximum service temperature • Maximum pressure and temperature
M Motion & Application • Type of motion, angular, axial, offset, radial, random, vibration, amount and frequency • Hose type best suited for application
P Pressure • Burst, test and operating pressure constant, pulsating or shock • Operating pressure at elevated temperature
E End Fitting Attachment • Methods applicable to type and alloy of hose and fittings • Maximum temperature for alloys and methods of attachment
D Developed Assembly Length • Mimimum hose live length for type of motion • Hose assembly length with fittings (overall length)
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