About Us

We strive to deliver outstanding value and exceptional customer experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission at Engineered Flexible Products, Inc., is to continue to be an industry leader by proving superior solutions for connections that move, delivering outstanding value, exceptional customer experiences and consistently fulfilling our brand promise to be your connection when motion matters.

Our Team

Roy Vance


Roy literally got stated in the industrial hose and expansion joint industry by answering a want add in 1978. In 1999 after working for other distributors for 20 years he started Engineered Flexible Products, Inc (EFP) with strong support from amazing customers and encouraging vendors. For over 20 years Roy has led the team at EFP.

Dave Vance


Dave was born into the industry. He could drive a forklift, assemble hoses and knew shipping before he was able to drive a car. He has been a valuable member of the EFP team since day one! In 2013 he was promoted to vice president.

Dan Larson

Vice President

Dan started his career in 1989 with an expansion joint manufacturer. He moved back to Minnesota in 2005 and joined the sales team at EFP. In 2013 he took over the purchasing department and was promoted to vice president.

Derek Weidell

Outside sales

Derek started his industrial hose career in 1998. He joined the EFP sales team in 2015 as a territorial outside salesman.

Paul Joelson

Outside sales

Paul started his career in 2007 working for a national PVF distributor. He held many positions while there. He joined the EFP sales team in 2018 as a territorial outside salesman.

Patrick McLellan

Customer service

Pat started his industrial hose career in 1989. He joined Roy in 1995 and has been at EFP since day one in 1999. He has been our anchor at customer service since the first day of operation.

Cody Louks-Sjerven

Customer service

Cody joined EFP in 2019. His primary responsibility is customer service, however he has also become our IT and SolidWorks guru.

Our Production Team

Our production team is also dedicated to your success and getting the job done quickly and right the first time.


In 1999 after over 20 years in the industrial hose market in Minnesota, Roy Vance wanted to start his own nationwide business and do it right. Roy was very fortunate to have loyal customers and vendors that encouraged him on this new adventure. Right from the start Roy’s unofficial motto has been to be the best vendor to the customer, be the best customer to our vendor and to offer a comfortable and safe working environment for our employees. This philosophy has proven well for Engineered Flexible Products, Inc.
For over 20 years we have been supported by great customers, vendors and employees which has led to a rapid growth in business, a strong financial position, and a reputation second to none in the hose and expansion joint markets.

Roy Vance

President / CEO
Roy is a professional member of ASHRAE (America Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) and SME (Society of Mining Metallurgy and Exploration).

Advantage EFP

We offer on-site visits.

We have respresentation throughout the U.S.

Membership in several trade organizations.

A staff of industry certified experts that engage in on going industry eduction programs.

We are your connection when motion matters!

Your Connection when Motion Matters

We are your source for all types and styles of expansion joints and flexible connectors and hoses for the Air/Multi-Purpose, Chemical, Ducting, Material Handling, Petroleum, Steam, Sanitary/Food, Water, as well as solutions for seismic and thermal expansion.

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